High-School Admission instructions

Admission instructions

  1. We enroll students in the second and third year of junior high school in Shanghai and other provinces/cities;
  2. IB preparatory class lasts one year. In the end, students will be comprehensively evaluated to see whether they can be given the qualification for IBDP in senior high school;
  3. Students who apply for IB preparatory class should have the willingness to study abroad, have strong comprehensive ability, independent thinking ability and innovative spirit, and have good physical and psychological quality;
  4. Independent enrollment is adopted for talented students with better outcomes in our entrance examination, which includes written English test, mathematics test and bilingual interview;
  5. Students with TOEFL score above 80 or IELTS score above 6.0 can apply for written English test exemption;
  6. Students with special skills in art, drama, sports, etc. should provide corresponding information can be given priority in admission under the same conditions after evaluation;
  7. There are student apartments in the school, providing boarding management and services;
  8. Students in the second year of DTD junior high schools can apply through the quick channel provided by DTD and they can be given enrollment priority after comprehensive evaluation.

Application Consultation

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