成就未来演说家 | 英文周演讲比赛(小学部)

2021/03/16 16:31



What are the most important lessons to teach youth today? This is a common conversation amongst professional educators worldwide.  Here, at VSP, we recognize the importance of character education to grow and develop our students now, and to support them to be successful for many years to come.



At VSP, our character education program is defined by the 5Cs and 5Rs: caring, confident, communicative, creative, cordial, respectful, reflective, risk-taking, responsible, and resilient. We teach these aspects explicitly in weekly character lessons, and weave them throughout our curriculum in virtually every subject area. 



Recognizing the importance of the 5Cs and 5Rs, the English Department engaged students in a schoolwide Speech Competition in which they developed oral presentations regarding the 5Cs and 5Rs. The students developed speeches, demonstrating their ability to be communicative, creative, reflective, and responsible.  While developing and presenting their works, our students demonstrated resilience to learn and grow from their mistakes. Standing before their peers, VSPers took a risk and presented with confidence. In the role of audience member, each VSPer exhibited cordial, caring, and respectful behavior to encourage each speaker.




5C 5R 品格教育



Comments from teachers

Here are some thoughts on the English Week Speech Competition from our Heads of Grade:


“The Grade 1 Speech Competition has been incredibly valuable to our students, as their confidence levels with verbal English and public speaking have developed well thanks to this motivation.” – Mr. Michael Combest, Head of Grade 1

一年级组长Mr. Michael Combest:“一年级的演讲比赛让所有学生受益匪浅,通过这样的平台,同学们在英语口语和公共演讲上收获了自信。”

“I really enjoyed seeing the growth of some of my students since September: Growth of confidence and ability in learning. Also, students found creativity and confidence in expressing themselves through their voice, and body language and gestures.” – Ms. Frances Lingard, Head of Grade 2

二年级组长Ms. Frances Lingard:“看到我的学生自9月份以来所取得的进步,我感到十分骄傲。他们更加外向开朗,学习能力也提高了。在同学们通过声音、肢体语言和手势表达自我的过程中,他们的创造潜能得到开发,抒发观点时也越来越自信。”

“English Week has truly been a celebration of student success. We are so proud of all the students who found the courage within themselves to stand up and be heard. Thank you so much for taking the time to shape and share all your thoughtful ideas!” – Mr. Tim College, Head of Grade 3

三年级组长Mr. Tim College:“英语周见证了学生们的成长。我们十分欣慰地看到,学生们勇敢自信地走上舞台,分享自己的观点。在此,我要感谢同学们为此次比赛所做的准备,谢谢你们和大家分享了发人深思的观点!”

“I was very impressed with the students’ insightful topics relating to the 5Cs and 5Rs. Ranging from personal anecdotes to historical role models, the fourth grade students dug deep into the content to show they care about exhibiting these admirable qualities.” – Mr. Krebiehl, Head of Grade 4

四年级组长Mr. Krebiehl:“同学们在5C和5R上富有见解的看法深深打动了我。四年级的同学们深度挖掘了主题内容,从个人经历到历史典故,每个演讲都体现出大家对于这些品质的注重。”

“VSP’s fifth grade students showed incredible courage and ability developing speeches which demonstrated thoughtful connections between the 5Cs and 5Rs, the students themselves, and the world at large. Our students expressed the 5Cs and 5Rs are evident in all areas of life, and have challenged themselves to deliver quality, powerful speeches with resonating messages.” – Dr. Stanley, Head of Grade 5

五年级组长Dr. Stanley:“五年级的同学们展示出了令人钦佩的勇气和深度思考的能力,让大家了解了5C5R、学生和我们生存的世界之间的联系。我们的同学讲到,5C和5R存在于日常生活中的点点滴滴。他们在此次演讲比赛中挑战了自我,为我们奉上了高质量的动人演讲,和听众产生了共鸣。”

VSP are so proud of the primary school students who have demonstrated the importance of the 5Cs and 5Rs during the English Week Speech Competition. We are inspired by their efforts and look forward to continuing education this semester. Way to go, VSPers!


文字Written by

Dr. Athena Stanley

(Primary School Curriculum Lead Teacher

Head of Grade 5)


Ms.Frances Lingard