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2021/08/17 16:30



DingTime for School – ‘Energy Boosting’ Tips 

for Students and Parents






In the golden month of August, while the tail of summer is still leaving hot temperature and humid air behind, you can already feel autumn knocking on the door as the wind breezes over your face. We’re midway through our summer vacation. Have you been staying at home, reading volumes of books, or travelling around, capturing breathtaking views? No matter how you’ve spent the vacation, it might be difficult for many students whenever we need to change back to “school mode”. In light of this, the following four tips have been presented to help students get ready in these two weeks before the school starts.


Get back to school routines 


During the vacation, many students would stay up late and wake up late. However, as the school days are approaching, we should try to change our lifestyles back to school mode as fast as possible. For children that tend to stay up late and wake up late, it’s better for them to go to bed 10-30 minutes earlier than before, and wake up at an earlier hour to gradually get used to the school mode. 


Reflect on what has learned


Small steps build up to giant leaps. Vacations are never just for fun; they also offer the perfect time for students to reflect on what they’ve learned and work on their weaknesses. Through this kind of “review” session, we’d know how far we’ve grown and what are the areas we’re lagging behind. We can also catch problems and analyze underlying reasons in a timely manner.


Say goodbye to electronic devices 

and fine-tune our mentality


Try not to spend as much time as students used to during vacation on electronic devices. It’s more difficult to adjust our learning mentality and study approaches compared to the adjustment of lifestyle and diet. Student were away from classrooms during the vacation, with no lively interactions with teachers or classmates. It’s high time we made positive changes and adjust our mentality to get prepared for school. The sooner we can adapt to the school life of the new semester both psychically and mentally, the more efficient study can turn out to be. Instead, this is also a good time to prepare for learning materials, such as reading contents, notebooks, pens and pencils that might come in handy when the school starts.


Make new study plan for the new semester

 and embrace a brand new start


We encourage students to map out your study goals and learning plans for the new semester. As we start a new term, students need to come up with new targets and ambitions. Make sound study plans that are realistic, practical and achievable based on the situation and capabilities of each student, so as to transform from being taught to do things to a self-learning, self-driven and self-disciplined study approach.It is always recommended to plan everything ahead, so that we can have a general idea of where we’re going and what we want to achieve.


Dear students, it’s time that we change from “vacation mode” to “school mode”. Rest assured that this won’t be a worrying process, because so many amazing and wonderful events and achievements are ahead waiting for us. So stop hesitating, recharge your gear and embark on the journey! 




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