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2021/08/20 16:00


 Embark on A Journey of the Mind for the New Semester


As the cicadae in the trees are singing their hearts out for the summer world, our students are also enjoying the wonderful summer vacation. Some are relaxing and chilling out; some are reading books and getting prepared for the new start ahead; some may even feel a little sad as the vacation is now slipping away through our fingers. Many of our students are having mixed feelings at this moment, hence the reason why we’re posting out this article. Some of the tips listed here might help our students get better prepared for school from the “vacation mode” and get a head start over others.

Tip No. 1: Have Enough Sleep


Quality sleep is critical in contributing to a good start. Enough sleep hours make sure that our brains get good rest at regular hours, and our bodies can stay fit and healthy in daily life. A lack of sleep, or lack of quality sleep may result in memory loss and difficulty in staying concentrated. For children and teenagers, an 8-10 hours of sleep is necessary. We can try the following “hardcore” adjustment approach to adapt to a more fixed routine.


First, please make sure that we go to bed in a dark environment, because the less light we’re exposed to when resting, the less stimulating it is to our brain neurons. Also, please turn off cellphones and other electronic devices 30 minutes before we go to bed, so as to avoid having problems falling asleep from the excitement of what have been shown on screens.


Second, if you still have a hard time falling into sleep even with all the curtains closed, try to do more exercises at daytime and reduce nap hours at noon. This is to let fatigue and tiredness drive us to sleep earlier than we used to in vacation.


Mystery Solved No. 1:


Q: Will sleep at daytime make up for lack of sleep at night?


A: Not necessarily. Nap of a suitable amount can help us feel better, but being overly dependent on daytime sleep cannot make up for the consequences resulting from lack of sleep at night. If we can’t get enough sleep at night for a long time, it can easily lead to a reversed biological clock in our bodies and endocrine disorders. That’s why it’s very important to keep a regular routine and try to wake up early and go to bed early.

   Tip No. 2: Become  Stronger 


Many students tend to get worried whenever they have to face the mode change from vacation to school. They may feel uncertain about the vacation assignments, curious about the new school life, and still dwell on the wonderful vacation days… It’s normal that we experience some fluctuations of emotions when there’re changes in the surrounding environment and life schedules. This is a process that everyone has to go through to finally adapt to the new mode.


We’re having mixed feelings because we’re unsure about what are lying in the future. As it is human nature to protect oneself, we always tend to think about the negative side of things and feel agitated as a result. However, things are changing and developing all the time, just like the Earth is forever revolving, and there’s no need for students to feel too anxious about changes at all. What we should do is to seize and cherish every moment with ease.


Mystery Solved No. 2:


Q: If I feel worried about the unknown challenges ahead of me when the school starts, will the feeling of anxiety go away by self-adapting?


A: Sometimes, it does take one’s own power to adjust and adapt. As we gradually start to adapt to new things and the new environment, the feeling of anxiety will go away. Of course, we also encourage students to talk with classmates, parents, friends and teachers, for they’ll offer help as well. At the beginning of the new semester, if you ever get confused or worried, please feel free to make an appointment with the Psychology teacher whenever you feel it’s necessary. The Letter Boxes at the first and the fifth floors of the Teaching Building are also waiting patiently for students’ posts. When the school’s off, students can call the municipal mental health hotline at 12355 and the district mental health hotline at 400-820-6235 for guidance.

Tip No. 3: Control Your Own Life

定一个新学期的小目标,或制定一个小计划,或许就是面对未来最好的方式。同学们可以结合自己的情况,制定下合理的目标与达成方式,一步一个脚印地向前走。建议同学们使用SMART Model来制定计划。SMART Model一共包括五个要素:S(Specific)具体,如“我这次数学要提高5分”;M(Measurable)可测量, “复习期间每天看手机不超过1小时”;A(Achievable)可实现的,设定的目标是要能通过一定努力达成;R(Relevant)相关,目标要与复习相关;T(Time-bound)时限,如“5天之内完成所有错题的纠正”。在自己取得进步与成绩时,也可以适当给自己一个小奖励,动力翻倍哦!

The best approach to cope with the future may starts from making an easy plan or setting a small goal for the new semester. Students can refer to the SMART model as reference when making plans by taking the following five aspects into consideration: Specific (“I want to raise my math score by five points.”), Measurable (“I won’t play with my cellphone for more than one hour during revision time.”), Achievable (The goal needs to be achievable.), Relevant (The goal needs to be related with class revision.), and Time-bound (“I’ll finish correcting all my mistakes in five days.”). You can always give yourself a little treat when you successfully make progress, so that you can keep being motivated at all times!


Mystery Solved No. 3


Q: Do I need to write down my goals and targets? Can I plan everything in my head?


A: Students are recommended to write down their plans, and the more detailed the plan is, the better. For example, we can write about how many math problems we want to solve, how may pages we want to read each day, and how long we plan to finish reading a book. Research shows that when people write their plans down on paper and check if they’re following the numbers and dates they set in their plans, their targets can be completed much more efficiently. Also, students are recommended to leave a 25% leeway when making plans, just in case unexpected things might happen to disrupt our agendas.


As the golden month of September approaches, we’re getting closer and closer to start a new semester. Dear students, it’s time to get prepared for a new journey that’s filled with new excitements and challenges. Are you ready?  



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